The company was incorporated in 1983 and eventually established itself as a key market leader in the industry.

Two state of the art ECH Wills machines were imported from Germany and the production commenced at breakneck speed. The company founded itself on the fundamental principles of efficient service, quality and reliability.

The company entrenched itself firmly in the tender market in which it was extremely successful due to various factors namely timeous delivery of quality goods, the diligence of management and sheer determination of the workforce.

There was eventually a re-positioning strategy, in supplying schools, retail stores and chain stores like Game.
In 2006, Afropulse 46 (Pty) Ltd took over management of Power Stationery. The current team working together as a dynamic force has taken the company to new heights


  • To provide quality stationery at affordable prices.
  • To achieve substantial growth for the company, it’s employees and stakeholders.
  • To become a leader in the global market. Also, to exceed industry standards and expectations to become the undisputed market leader in the stationery industry in South Africa.
  • To maintain harmony with all those involved with the company in order to sustain relationships that would be mutually beneficial to both parties.


  • To use more innovative techniques in terms of manufacturing and marketing.
  • To maintain a competitive edge by differentiating our products and services from our competitors.
  • To develop an export market and establish strong brand awareness inside and outside South Africa.
  • To diversify into the manufacturing of other stationery related products.


  • To maintain customer orientation as a key focus and to establish strong interpersonal links with customers.
  • To network with established suppliers and to maintain an enduring coherence with them.
  • To ensure that all manufacturing processes are environment friendly.
  • To be socially responsible to all involved with the company.
  • All items manufactured must be in accordance with SABS standards.
  • To utilise human resources in the most effective and efficient way. In order to optimise productivity, human resources need to be sufficiently catered to, and treated in a highly proficient manner.